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NOW Foods Chickweed 400 Mg - 100 Caps
NOW Foods Chickweed 400 Mg - 100 Caps
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NOW Foods Chickweed 400 Mg - 100 Caps

Chickweed is a common wayside herb that is considered a nuisance by gardeners but revered by herbalists for its soothing internal and external applications. Capsules may be opened and added to hot water and consumed as a tea or applied to the skin as a salve in any ointment base, such as olive oil.

Ingredient Details:Magnesium Stearate.

Expert Advice:Free of: sugar,salt,starch,soy,yeast,wheat,corn,egg,milk,additives.

Suggested Use:As an herbal dietary supplement, take 2 capsules 1-3 times daily.

About NOW Foods Now® foods remains committed to its original goal - to produce the highest quality nutritional herbal and body care products available…at prices people can afford. The company does this by sourcing our raw materials directly from the manufacturer thereby relying less on brokers and distributors and avoiding costly television and radio advertising. Now foods does not employ an outside sales force relying instead on practical cost-effective marketing methods such as mail promotions and no-pressure telephone sales. Its high-volume business has allowed it to build strong business ties with some of the best raw material producers in the industry. Now foods savings are passed on to its customers in every product it manufactures every day.

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NOW Foods Chickweed 400 Mg - 100 Caps 4.43 out of 5 7 user reviews

Reviews of [NOW Foods Chickweed 400 Mg - 100 Caps]:

Comment # 1 ( Kathleen, Maryland )

chickweed This is a great blood cleanser. We have been using it for several years now and has kept our cholestrol low.

Comment # 2 ( David Menchetti, Nevada )

chickweed the product is great

Comment # 3 ( kayleigh, Ohio )

Now brand is great. I take chickweed for an overall nutritional herb. Now has great products, and im glad healthsuperstore sells them at good affordable prices.

Comment # 4 ( mohd, North Carolina )

Infection remover Excellent

Comment # 5 ( Rocky, Canada )

Internal cleanse Great way to revitalize and cleanse the body systems. I find both my skin and internal systems respond positively to chickweed.

Comment # 6 ( Betty Perry EXELLENT, Mississippi )

Good stuff. Chickweed in capsule form is new for me. Normally, I use the liquid form but will change to this product from now on.

Comment # 7 ( Everetta Altman, Australia )

Allanah - Australia My 15yr old son has developed a salycalite intolerence,just like my hbusband 5 yrs ago. He found chickweed tablets a god send with helping to relieve the painful welts and itch. When my son developed the same rash I tried to source the tablets in Australia without any luck. I searched the web and found healthsuperstore. He has now been on them for 2 weeks and the difference is amazing.

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