Mri Mountain Ocean - Skin Trip Coconut Bar Soap - 4.5 Oz.
Mri Mountain Ocean - Skin Trip Coconut Bar Soap - 4.5 Oz.
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Mri Mountain Ocean - Skin Trip Coconut Bar Soap - 4.5 Oz.

kin Trip Coconut Bar Soap by Mountain Ocean

Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut Bar Soap

Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Bar Soap is the first complement to Mountain Ocean famous Skin Trip Coconut Moisturizer. Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut Bar Soap is a vegetable based moisturizing soap made in small batches with the highest quality ingredients. The creamy lather and rich coconut fragrance last throughout the bar.

Mountain Ocean is a family owned company established in 1971. Mountain Oceans ongoing research and development, along with modern production facilities, have made Mountain Ocean one of the most respected, reliable manufacturers in the natural products industry. Mountain Ocean products are sold throughout the United States in natural food stores, sporting goods outlets and selected supermarkets. Super quality products have made Mountain Ocean a leader in the natural cosmetics industry.

About: MRI Medical Research Institute (MRI) was established in 1997 in order to develop nutraceuticals that blend novel active ingredients with cutting edge delivery technology to create the safest and most advanced performance products over the globe. MRI continues to push the limits of nutraceutical technology by offering exciting technology advancements in a growing number of product categories. All MRI products are made as per the industry leading standards for quality and safety. Products are manufactured at audited facilities that adhere to the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. All products pass tests for ingredient purity and integrity. 

Mri Mountain Ocean - Skin Trip Coconut Bar Soap - 4.5 Oz. 4.60 out of 5 5 user reviews

Reviews of [Mri Mountain Ocean - Skin Trip Coconut Bar Soap - 4.5 Oz.]:

Comment # 1 ( Manuela Murphy, New York )

Lizzy I'ts the best !!!

Comment # 2 ( Donald, Nevada )

disappointed I live in Henderson, NV and all of the soap had melted in the box. We were unable to use any of it.

Comment # 3 ( Diego, Mississippi )

Skin Trip Coconut Soap I LOVE this soap!! Can't say enough good about it! My whole bathroom smells like the gentle scent. A great buy!

Comment # 4 ( janet, New York )

Great soap I love this soap. From time to time, my skin gets very allergic and most soaps make me break out into a very sore rash. Even at my most allergic, this soap is soothing to my skin and calms any rash. On the down side, it tends to get a little slimy and gets used quite quickly. But if that is what it takes to make it so healing skin-friendly then it is worth it.

Comment # 5 ( Kerry, Pennsylvania )

Mt Ocean Skin Trip Coconut Soap Bar Coconut oil is supposed to be good for the skin & possible cancer prevention. The soap is marvelous! It smells fresh & makes my skin feel soft. I used to use it on my face only-until the dermatologist wanted to know what I was using for my face b/c my facial skin was very healthy. I thought, hmm, I will use it for the entire body.

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