Childlife Probiotics With Colostrum Powder - 50 Gm
Childlife Probiotics With Colostrum Powder - 50 Gm
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Childlife Probiotics With Colostrum Powder - 50 Gm

Colostrum with Probiotics uses the finest bovine Colostrum that has been naturally harvested and especially prepared with Probiotics. It is specially design to provide nature’s ultimate formula for enhancing your child’s health vitality, immune and digestive strength. Colostrum is believed to be nature’s first food for the immune system.

What is Colostrum?
Bovine colostrums are the "early" milk produced by cows during the first several days post-parturition. This "early" milk has a nutrient profile and immunological composition that differs substantially from "mature" milk. Colostrum is high in carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies and low in fat (as human newborns may find fat difficult to digest). Newborns have very small digestive systems, and colostrum delivers its nutrients in a very concentrated low-volume form. It has a mild laxative effect, encouraging the passing of the baby's first stool.

One benefit of colostrum is that it comes from cow's milk so it is a natural health food. It contains a complete formula of essential vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, immune factors and growth factors. Colostrum was designed by nature as part of mother's milk so it helps the young grow up strong and healthy.

First milking bovine colostrum from cow's milk has been used by people all over the world and throughout history to support the immune system and as a natural, complete whole-food dietary supplement. Another benefit of colostrum that it is famous for is its historic reputation in helping the body fight off colds and infection and to stimulate the immune system.

Ingredient Details:All Natural Orange-Pineapple Flavor, Fruit Juice Concentrate, Fructose. Contains: Milk Proteins

ChildLife uses only the highest quality ingredients. Contains no soy, egg, yeast, wheat, corn, or alcohol. No artificial colorings. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Suggested Use:For infants 6 months to 1 yr: 1/4 teaspoon daily
For children 1-5 yrs: 1/2 teaspoon daily
For children 6-12 yrs: 1/2 teaspoon 2x daily


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use if outer safety seal is broken or missing.

Heat Sensitive - overnight shipping recommended. Not recommended for international shipping. Not Returnable.
Nutritional Facts

Each Serving Size provides:
Nutrition Facts
Each Serving Size Provides:
Nutrition Facts Dosage % in DV*
Colostrum    700 mg *
Rice Tocotrienols    100 mg *
F.O.S. (Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides)    100 mg *
Pro-Biotic Blend:    75 mg *

Bifidobacterium Bifidum 0.5 billion

Bifidobacterium Infantis 0.5 billion

Lactobaccillus Acidophillus 0.5 billion

*Daily Values not established.
**Percent DV based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

*Daily Value not established.
**Percent DV based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

About: ChildLife offers a complete line of nutritional supplements made especially for infants
and children. Their experience with infants and children''s healthcare is extensive. Dr. Murray Clarke the founder of the company  has been specializing in pediatrics in his homeopathic and nutritional clinic for the past twenty years.

ChildLife Essentials are made from the highest quality natural ingredients. There are no
artificial additives in any of our products. The products are free of artificial flavorings artificial sweeteners and added colorings.

Childlife Probiotics With Colostrum Powder - 50 Gm 4.60 out of 5 5 user reviews

Reviews of [Childlife Probiotics With Colostrum Powder - 50 Gm]:

Comment # 1 ( albertha, Wisconsin )

Wonderful Stuff I incorporate this in my 11yr. old daughter's liquid vitimins in the mornings. She is a pre-mature child and I want to give her chance to build her immune system safely. I am pleased with this product, this is my first time ordering this brand, and I will continue to do so.

Comment # 2 ( Sara, New York )

Good taste My kids can't tast it!

Comment # 3 ( Camilla, Singapore )

Childlife I have been giving it to my kids since I was recommended by a doctor on this product. I find that after taking the product, we do not visit the doctor so often now.

Comment # 4 ( Tiago Silva, Singapore )

Childlife Taste is mild for children and the powder is dissolveable in any liquid. My kids did not fall sick as often after taking this Colostrum powder. A good product overall.

Comment # 5 ( David Menchetti, Singapore )

Good product! Quite tasty and both my children are able to take the powder without any difficulty. It seems to boost their immunity as they bounce back from minor ailments very speedily.

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