Alvita Mullein Leaf Tea - 24 Tea Bags
Alvita Mullein Leaf Tea - 24 Tea Bags
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Alvita Mullein Leaf Tea - 24 Tea Bags

Native to the cool temperate climates of Europe and Asia, Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is a tall, yellow-flowered plant often seen today growing wild in Britain and North America. Mullein is also known as Lady's Foxglove. Velvet Plant, Shepherd's Herb and Old Man's Flannel. It has an interesting history of practical and cosmetic use. Anciently, fresh Mullein stalks were dipped in melted fat, ignited, and carried as flaming tapers in ceremonial processions. The large, soft, hair-covered leaves were used as diapers by some early Indians and the leaves were also stuffed in shoes to keep thinly shod feet warm in the winter.

Today, Mullein can be used as a floral rinse to brighten blonde hair and the leaves and flowers contain mucilage and are valued for their soothing effects. Mullein is usually made into a tea either by itself or with Sage, Marjoram, or Chamomile. It is enjoyed by many boiled in milk and sweetened with honey.

Ingredient Details:
Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

Suggested Use:
The best way to make a good tasting cup of tea is by the infusion method. Place one tea bag into a cup and add no more than 6 oz. of boiling water. Let steep for 3 minutes and remove the bag. Press the bag before removing to enhance the flavor. Add honey to sweeten.

About Alvita In 1922, Alvita introduced america to the wonders of herbal tea. Today they’re still stirring things up. Alvita tea contains the following: • english pillow-style tea bags that are oxygen bleached, not chlorine treated, and are dioxin free. • no strings, tags, or staples. • each Alvita box is made from recycled paper board. • except for regular green tea, Alvita products are naturally caffeine free.

Alvita Mullein Leaf Tea - 24 Tea Bags 5.00 out of 5 10 user reviews

Reviews of [Alvita Mullein Leaf Tea - 24 Tea Bags]:

Comment # 1 ( Meghan Townsend, New Jersey )

Helpful I ordered this on the advice of my nutritionist who says its very good for bronchial and lung support. Good value for the price and it is somewhat helpful and doesn't taste too bad either, I just sweeten mine with a lil agave syrup instead of sugar. I also deal with asthma and it seems to be helping.

Comment # 2 ( Lena Frazier, Georgia )

Product helps my son's asthma My 6 year has asthma. This product has relieved his deep bronchial coughing and he enjoys drinking the tea.

Comment # 3 ( David, Minnesota )

Hard to find.. Glad you carry stop shopping here at healthsuperstore!

Comment # 4 ( Johnnie Snyder, California )

Terrific Tea! This is one of my faves. You can leave the teabag in the cup and it doesn't get bitter. Also great for suntea. A mild flavor that blends well with just about anything, but especially a peach mango flavor...mmmm.

Comment # 5 ( barry, Great Britain )

Mrs Raw Thank you, it was very quickly dispatched and just what I wanted.

Comment # 6 ( Jay Olson, Arizona )

good medicine This one is good for lung health

Comment # 7 ( Shannon, Washington )

Alvita Teas I like the taste, I very happy with this product

Comment # 8 ( leopoldo tapia, Texas )

Mullein Tea I was extremely impressed with the time line in which the order I placed was strealined. It arrived 2 days after my order was placed. The packaging is excellent, especially for Senior Citizens. The tear apart tea bags are easily manageable and the foil encasing for the tea bags keeps the tea fresh. Excellent job all around. I look forward to ordering from your company again. Thank You for both an excellent product and professinal handling of my order!!

Comment # 9 ( Coleen Mcclain, North Carolina )

Good Tea Relaxing, good tea!

Comment # 10 ( prashant chauhan, Tennessee )

Fabulous for congestion Many in our family enjoyed this tea when we had a respiratory bug, tasty and it works great for cough and congestion!

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