Agrisept L - 1 Bottle, 1 Oz Each
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Agrisept L - 1 Bottle, 1 Oz Each
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Agrisept L - 1 Bottle, 1 Oz Each

Agrisept-L was formulated to maintain flora and fungus balance in your body for an overall sense of wellness every day. It is an all natural, non-toxic product and has been laboratory and clinically tested. The agricultural grade has been used for years to maintain healthy conditions for barns as well as healthy conditions for animals.

Using Agrisept-L can be an excellent way to start any health program because it may address inhibitors to weight loss. Agrisept-L may be used both internally and externally and is effective for cleaning fruits and vegetables to help maintain and prolong freshness-definitely a product you want to take with you wherever you go!

Agrisept-L is so versatile and easy to use, we recommend it to everyone! This all-natural, non-toxic liquid is loaded with bioflavonoids for healthy antioxidant benefitsinside and out.

Agrisept has been used to help in the following: 

Candida Albicans (yeast): 8 drops, in 8 ounces of water, 3 x's a day, 15 minutes prior to meals, for 10-30 days. After this time, take 4 drops, 2 x's a day for maintenance. Parasites: 8 drops, in 8 ounces of water, 3 x's a day, 15 minutes prior to meals, for 3-6 months. After this time, take it 2 x's a day for maintenance. Sore Throats: gargle with 2-3 drops in a glass of water. Agrisept is very effective. Gingivitis (gum disease): 2 drops of Agrisept on toothbrush every morning until symptoms cease.

Skin and Nail Fungus: apply Agrisept topically at bedtime.

Athlete's Foot: mix 10 drops per 8 oz of water in a spray mist bottle. Spray on feet before bedtime.

Drinking Water: 10 drops for each gallon of clear water. Agitate or mix vigorously and let it rest for a few minutes. May be used as a prophylactic agent for those who travel abroad.

Rinsing Fruits, Vegetables: mix 7-8 drops of Agrisept per gallon of rinse water and soak your fruits and vegetables for 15 minutes. After soaking for 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly.  Rinsing Fish, Poultry, and Meats: put 7-8 drops in a spray bottle and spray the meat all over. Let sit for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Pat dry. For hamburgers: put 3-4 drops in hamburger mixture and let sit for 15 minutes before cooking. Fish Aquariums: put 1 drop of Agrisept in the tank every time you add fresh water and no more algae!

Pet Birds: put 1 drop of Agrisept-L in the water dish to prevent growth and remove existing parasites. Water Containers:

  • Put 2 drops of Agrisept in the water containers at home or office to prevent algae growth.
  • Put 3-4 drops per gallon of water in humidifier tank to do the same.
  • Mix 7-8 drops of Agrisept-L per gallon of rinse water and soaking your fruits or vegetables for 15 minutes.
  • Try mixing about 10 drops of Agrisept-L per gallon of clear water for drinking. Mix vigorously and let stand for a few minutes.
  • Add one drop of Agrisept-L to your aquarium each time you change the water to help keep a sparkling clean environment.
Ingredient Details:100% Citrus Extracts: grapefruit, tangerine and lemon extracts in a base of vegetal glycerin.

Suggested Use:Mix about 10 drops of Agrisept-L per gallon of clear water for cleaner drinking. Stir vigorously and let stand for a few minutes. To address excess yeast use 8-10 drops in a glass of water or juice, three times daily.

  • The text provided here is for information purposes only. The results may vary with each individual.

Nutritional Facts

Each Serving Size provides:
Nutritional Facts

Each Serving Size (drops) 3 provides:
Ingredients Dosage % Daily Value
Proprietary Blend (ml) 0.06 *
  Grapefruit (Seed)
  Lemon (seed)
  Lime (seed)
  Tangarine (seed)

*Daily Value not established.

*Daily Value not established.
**Percent DV based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Agrisept L - 1 Bottle, 1 Oz Each 4.55 out of 5 11 user reviews

Reviews of [Agrisept L - 1 Bottle, 1 Oz Each]:

Comment # 1 ( Paul Watson, Kingsley, MI, USA , Feb 23, 2013 )

A very good product for systemic yeast infections. Can also be used to wash your fresh fruit and veggies to remove any bacteria. We are also going to use it on our trip out of the country. You can put a few drops in your water to help protect you from any "bugs" that you may encounter. Highly recommended.

Comment # 2 ( Nicholas, CA, USA , Aug 07, 2012 )

This product work well, I just wish that it came in a larger size.

Comment # 3 ( This is a great product., India )

This is a great product.

Comment # 4 ( Kat, )

Our vet recommended as a natural remedy for our birds. It seems to work well, we avoid antibiotics unless absolutely nec. They seem to like the taste.

Comment # 5 ( Felipa Abitia, Camarillo, CA USA )

It works.

Comment # 6 ( Kevin McDevitt, Berlin NJ USA )

I take Agrisept L through a nutrionalists advice. After a month of 8 drops in 8 oz of water it's making me gag. Is there any way of flavoring it without it affecting it's potency?

Comment # 7 ( charles poulnot, charleston,sc usa )

4 years ago my doctor prescribed diflucan b/c of a fungul infection which had taken over the entire end of one of my fingers. after 9 months and little effect on the problem he informed me that i could no longer take the diflucan as it had started having a negative effect on my liver. his only recourse was to recommend that i have the last 2 joints of my finger removed surgically due to the fact that a runaway fungul infection such as mine could turn cancerous. stunned by this outcome i got a homeopathic opinion which was to use agrisept-l topically as well as daily in water. i can enthusiastically report that after 3 years of use, the agrisept-l has defeated the fungul growth returning my finger to normal appearance. the experience was so enlightening and such a challenge to that AMA belief system that we are all steeped in (if an expensive perscription doesn't work then they cut it off) that i no longer use over the counter or prescription drugs relying on and embracing the homeopathic approach to good health. in the 3 years i've used agrisept-l i have not had any type of nagging health problems, colds, viruses, etc, etc. it is an amzing product and i dont travel anywhere without it.

Comment # 8 ( Debbie, Norfolk, Virginia, USA )

It's easy to use and has so many benefits. I give EYI Agrisept L a double thumbs up as well. If you ever get a chance you have to try it in your drinking water, or to rinse your fruits etc.

Comment # 9 ( Cheryl Padel, Auburn, Washington )

This is a great product #1

Comment # 10 ( Barbara N., Nova Scotia )

While I was taking this I felt great. Not only did it get rid of parasites I had but the pain in my legs left.

Comment # 11 ( geraldine lalumia, gretna,louisiana usa )

I have ordered product and I really like it.I do see results using the product

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